Response data



At this stage you should already have created your first request

For further information please go to 'create your first request'

Use our API reference to get the data from the response

Using the ID you received when Creating your first request, you can use our API reference to get the data from the response:

  1. Go to 'CREATE a request' and copy the id you got in the response of your request

  1. Use GET request in our API reference and paste the id received in the result of the CREATE request call in the id field.
  2. Click 'Try it!'

When you GET a request, you are able to retrieve:

  • The initial data that was used to create the request (user, data, options)
  • The status of the request (ongoing, started, completed, etc.)
  • The information given by the contact, in the responses. Note that only completed responses will be returned.

At the end of the response, you can see the data sent by the contact/customer in the responses object. This data will only be available in responseswhen the contact/customer already started to fill or completed the Penbox flow.

For the next step you'll need to copy the id in the "responses" object.