Initiate a new interaction by creating a request to trigger a specified flow towards a contact.

The Create a Request API endpoint facilitates the creation of a new request to initiate a specified flow towards a designated contact.

Define your contact

In the user object, reference the contact information through their company_name, email, phone, given_name and/or family_name. Add your own system identification/reference by setting the contact's internal_ref, which you can use later on to search for the request.

Select & configure the form to send

Reference the form template to use using its slug, or by referencing the preset customization identification if several defined for you form template. Set the preset values using the object options and prefill data in the form by referencing keys in the data object.

Define how to get back contact activities & answers

Simply subscribe to the various request events via webhooks to be informed in real time of what happened with the form you sent and to integrate form answers back to your system.

NEW: Define the validity period

You can also decide to directly send a request to your contact or to plan it in the future by setting theactive_from or to simply precreate it for further adjustments by enabling the draftproperty. You can directly define the validity period of your request by setting the active_until date.

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