Building your first form using pen-script

Penbox is a SaaS platform enabling you to digitalize your customer interactions.

We believe building just forms is not enough. Penbox embeds all the necessary functionalities to complete an entire interaction: notifications, reminders, advanced intelligent forms as well as reusing the structured data that you will be collecting. Sending it to other systems or directly using it within Penbox to fill PDF, request e-signature or any other advanced use case you might want to do with our API connector.

With Penbox, you will not be building forms, but flows.

In order for you to make it simple to build flows within Penbox, we made sure you can configure the entire interaction with the same format and syntax. That's why we developed pen-script.

Once you connect into Penbox, you will have accesst to our AI form builder and our no-code interface to build forms. Underneath this, all our flows are always coded with pen-script. Mastering pen-script will enable you to build more complex use cases and to leverage 100% of the available functionalities within Penbox. It only takes a few minutes to build your first form and it takes a few hours to finish your first complex use case.

Mastering pen-script? Well... some of use have been making Penbox flows for years, and we are still discovering new stuffs that we can do every week.

This guide will teach you the basics of pen-script and help you make your first flow.

What’s Next